Our DevOps experts will supercharge the cloud, so you can focus on building products


With our specialization we make Kubernetes adoption simplified for your teams


Through Big Data & Analytics, We gain strategic insights allowing you to make sound business decisions

Being an emerging DevOps and Kubernetes consulting company, we want our customers to succeed.

We can assist you with stellar DevOps and Kubernetes consulting and implementation services.
Need an Automation, Infrastructure as Code or quick remediation’s? You can count on us.

Infrastructure As Code:

Our certified and skilled Automations team provides the infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform and Amazon CFT.

Configuration Management:

We provide error-free deployments, Continuos audits eliminating the mismatch of configuration.


We use latest observability tools integrated with our best practices for the process of monitoring and logging.

Optimization and Security:

Our DevOps experts are equipped with cost optimization and cloud security knowledge


We are experts in providing automation solutions for your cloud using Python, CDK, Ansible and AWS Systems Manager

Our Expertise

We provide DevOps consulting over 25+ tools straight out of the box.
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Microsoft Azure

Developing Products can be a Slow, Hard, & Costly Endeavor
Here's how our Consulting can help

Build and Launch Faster

Speed is crucial for success, Give your customers what they want. With DevOps you can reduce the time from ideation to value creation by delivering software faster and ensuring that quality and usability is built in. We help you get a better deployment and cloud infrastructure to launch your products faster. Cut trial and error, get faster feedback and focus on your products rather than infrastructure. Get more work done with our DevOps team.

Optimize Costs

Use automation to ensure your cloud costs are managed and under control. With proper guard rails avoid costly mistakes in deployment.


Our Infrastructure as a Code, Guard rails and Automation makes the entire cloud infrastructure and deployment predictable. Remove the pain and uncertainty of developing software and know exactly what you are releasing to production. It reduces outages because of simple mistakes and gives you more bandwidth to do your job. Now you can focus your time on actual product development and business. Transparency, automation, and reproducibility are important benefits of our DevOps Consulting.

Improve Visibility

Our inclusive process takes inputs from all stakeholders and helps address the unique challenges inherent to cloud and Kubernetes infrastucture. We take into consideration about development, operations, security, observability and costs in our solutions.

Drive Success

DevOps is not an off-the-shelf product you can buy. A combination of the right tools with the right approach is needed for businesses to realize their full DevOps potential. Managing your tool chain takes time at the expense of developing new projects. we help you focus on the products and business essentials, we’ll manage your DevOps toolchain. We come with expertise in 25+ DevOps tools to drive successfull DevOps Transformation. Our DevOps team can take care of your DevOps tools.

Create value

There is no single DevOps solution that applies to all organizations. Each organization should have their own roadmap and continuously rethink goals to create value for customers. Our consultants become part of your teams. We don’t just deliver a consulting solution, We work onsite, onshore and offshore alongside your employees to accelerate their product journey and empower your team.

Best Practices

Crux Cloud specializes in guiding its clients on the journey to DevOps. Our architects have seen DevOps transformations across industries and can advise on best practices related to culture and deployment pipelines beyond automation.

Our Key Technology Partners

Devops Consulting

Accelerate your development cycle by minimizing costs and driving efficiency with our DevOps experts


  • Provision Cloud using Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform and Amazon CFT
  • Automate your Infrastructure and its configurations using Ansible
  • Manage your infrastructure Patches, Updates and Automate using AWS Systems Manager CI/CD using Jenkins and Code
  • Deploy/Pipeline tools Observability using Data Dog, Cloud Watch, Grafana, PagerDuty Service Management tools using Freshdesk and Jira
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Kubernetes Consulting

  • Provision K8s cluster using Terraform and EKSCTL Manage K8s addons/CI using GitOps and Helm charts
  • CI/CD using Jenkins,GitOps, Helm Charts, Argo CD, Tekton
  • Observability using Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, ELK
  • Automation using Python and GoLang Service Management tools using Freshdesk and Jira
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The Crux BeSpoke Solutions

Crux holistic approach provides a wide range of Mobility solutions and Application development Services for Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises. Our expert team of Business analyst, UX designers, Software developers and DevOps engineers ensure seamless process and quality deliverables.


We are an end-to-end mobile app development company, focusing on designing and engineering mobile-first businesses. Our passionate bunch of mobile app developers creates innovative software solutions and awesome cross-platform apps, each one bespoke to you, your challenge, and your users.

Web Apps

We develop custom web application that helps enterprises facing challenges like critical workflow, resource planning, analysis, reporting, and productivity improvement. Crux Cloud takes care of digital transformation journey with Cost-effective tailored solutions to bring unparalleled value.


We develop bespoke solutions in various domains to accommodate the technical needs of your enterprise. We tailor to meet your business requirements and provide customer services and solutions with latest technologies, proven methods and processes to clients all across the world.


We believe in “GROWTH WITH INNOVATION”. We follow a simple approach of using IT to answer current and future business problems. The aim is to understand your current business operations and IT environment and provide innovative solutions that help you grow and gain a competitive edge.

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